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Workshop on “Core Empowerment”

Workshop on “Core Empowerment”

Posted by Fair Group | December 20, 2017 | Corporate News, Fair Group News

The Human Resource Management of Fair Group Recently Organized a Special Employee Engagement Workshop on “Core Empowerment” under the tutelage of Mr. Richard Muralee.

A special employee engagement workshop for 2 days titled “Core Empowerment” was organized at Fair Group’s Corporate Office under the tutelage of Mr. Richard Muralee, the renowned Change Management Facilitator, Core Empowerment Coach, Trainer, Author and Speaker in Asia. In this workshop, many important & motivational activities were provided and trained. The Honorable Chairman of Fair Group Mr. Ruhul Alam al Mahbub was present in the inaugural ceremony of this workshop. He said,

“The prosperity of our employees means the ultimate prosperity of our group. And this kind of motivational workshops will be conducted again for the betterment of our employees in days to come.”

Members from the top level management as well as other management positions were also present at the workshop. The workshop was organized successfully by the Human Resource Management team led by Mr. A.H.M Kamal, Chief Human Resource Officer, Fair Group.

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