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New ecommerce portal “FairMart”

New ecommerce portal “FairMart”

New ecommerce portal “FairMart” has started its trial operation.


Thursday, May 23, 2019- FairMart is the new ecommerce platform which is a latest inclusion of Fair Group. This ecommerce platform consists of all the manufacturers and authentic brands. FairMart promises their customers to deliver quality products with supportive customer service with fair deals. FairMart will always ensure original product, Fair price and best after sales service from Brand warranty. Every customer will get best experience while shopping in FairMart.

In the beginning  FairMart has started its journey with world renowned brand like Samsung, Olitalia, Pasta Zara, Tong Garden and Secret Recipe. Very soon this platform will gather other renowned brands at its platform with best offers and benefits.

Today Fair Mart launching event held at “Secret Recipe” Gulshan Avenue Flagship branch. BASIS Director Mr. Didarul Islam Sunny, Fair Group advisor Major General Hamid R Chowdhury, Fair Electronics Operation Director Mr. Firoze Mohammad, Fair Group Head of Marketing Mr. J. M. Taslim Kabir, Pepperoni Ltd. Business Head & Secret Recipe Franchise Head Mr. K.S.M. Mohith Ul Bari , Fair Mart Business Manager Mr. Asif Shahnawaz has jointly announced Fair Mart operation. Thursday, May 23, 2019 sharp 9:00 PM FairMart opened its ecommerce platform for its customers after a countdown process.

The Smart Online Shop FairMart is now ready to accept order. From 9PM, 23rd May 2019 anyone can place order. As an initial offering, FairMart announces some good offers for its customers.

Offers are –

  • For more than BDT 1,000 order BDT 500 dine-in coupon will be free for 100 Orders
  • For more than BDT 2,000 order BDT 500 dine-in coupon will be free from 101st order onwards till Eid Ul Fitre.
  • For any Samsung Consumer Electronics order get BDT 1,000 Secret Recipe Dine-in Coupon for more than BDT 10,000 order and BDT 2,000 coupon for more than BDT 20,000 order.

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