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Olitalia Healthy Kitchen Contest Champion flying to Italy

Olitalia Healthy Kitchen Contest Champion flying to Italy

Olitalia Healthy Kitchen Contest – Season Champion chef Mr. Mamun Chowdhury is flying to Italy


Olitalia Olitalia Healthy Kitchen Contest – Season 1 Champion chef Mr. Mamun Chowdhury flied to Italy 0n 8th May 2019. During 2 weeks stay in Europe, he will visit Olitalia Head Office and attend grooming sessions.

Honorable Advisor of Fair Group, MAJOR GENERAL HAMID R CHOWDHURY, rcds, psc (Retd); Head of Marketing of Fair Group Mr. J. M. Taslim Kabir and Business Manager of Fair Distribution Mr. Abdus Salam handed over air tickets to Mr. Mamun.

OLITALIA has started their journey with Fair Distribution, one of the most important concern of Fair Group in 2008.

Fair Distribution has started the journey by representing OLITALIA Edible Oil brand as their Marketer in Bangladesh. The products of OLITALIA Edible Oil like OLITALIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil, OLITALIA Sunflower Oil, OLITALIA Skincare Oil, OLITALIA Tonic Drink etc. has already been tested by the time and trusted by the consumers of Bangladesh. OLITALIA ensured their promise to keep heart well, control diabetes, increasing digestion power and keep skins fresh etc.

Over all, people could enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. As a result the trustworthy journey of OLITALIA got extended in Bangladesh. The commitment of building a Healthy Bangladesh and share healthy recipes of culinary experts, OLITALIA started Healthy Kitchen Contest Season 1 Powered by FAIR ELECTRONICS and SECRET RECIPE BANGLADESH.

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